Is Your Compound Bow Set to the Correct Draw Weight?

As big game hunters, it’s easy to simplify the subject and immediately say that the heaviest draw weight you can pull back on a compound bow is what you want to be using. However, that’s not always the case. There are many factors at play in picking the correct draw weight. Check out the short article below from Elite Archery on the subject.

Elite Archery: How To Find Your Draw Weight

by Josh Sidebottom

Something commonly seen across archery ranges is someone who is overbowed, or drawing too much weight. Many times, this stems from archers believing that they need to be shooting the industry “standard” of 70 pounds and conditioning from shops who only carry 70 pound bows in stock. However, archers will get more out of their equipment and experience if they select a draw weight that best matches their physical capabilities. How do you know if you are shooting the correct weight? This depends on the application and will differ from hunting to target archery.