Bear Trust International

Bear Trust International

Bear Trust International is on a mission to safeguard all eight bear species worldwide and promote the well-being of our planet’s wildlife and habitats. Their vision envisions a world where bears thrive in harmony with sustainable economies, making them vital indicators of ecosystem health. This non-profit organization values science-based conservation that benefits both public and private lands and fosters shared responsibility among nations, communities, and individuals.

Bear Trust International’s actions encompass various aspects of conservation, from providing free conservation lesson plans for North American schools to advocating for innovative bear conservation policies. They support research that informs sustainable management decisions, focusing on the balance between natural systems and human societal needs. Above all, habitat protection is central to their efforts, aiming to preserve the wild world within human-affected ecosystems. By emphasizing coexistence, education, and community involvement, they aim to ensure that encounters with bears in the wilderness remind us of our shared world’s beauty and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

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