Coastal Conservation Association (CCA)

Coastal Conservation Association

Established in 1977 by a group of 14 dedicated recreational anglers in response to the devastating impacts of commercial overfishing on redfish and speckled trout populations along the Texas coast, the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) has evolved into a formidable force for marine resource conservation. Originating as the Gulf Coast Conservation Association, its resounding success in outlawing gill nets and securing game fish status for red drum and speckled trout heralded a new era in marine conservation. This triumph catalyzed the growth of CCA chapters along the Gulf, South- and Mid-Atlantic regions, and even on the West Coast. CCA’s mission extends beyond safeguarding marine health and habitat; it champions the interests of recreational anglers and their access to cherished resources. Through informed, active membership, CCA continues to uphold its founding vision of anglers as stewards of the marine environment and defenders of sustainable fishing practices.

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