Dallas Safari Club (DSC)

The Dallas Safari Club (DSC), a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), stands as a dedicated conservation organization driven by funding from global hunters. Embracing a mission that prioritizes well-regulated hunting and sustainable resource use, DSC engages in public outreach, education, and advocacy for wildlife conservation. With an annual Convention and the combined efforts of a small administrative team and a devoted volunteer corps, DSC channels millions of dollars to support projects, organizations, and programs that resonate with its mission. These initiatives span from reintroducing desert bighorn sheep in Texas and enhancing habitats to projects focused on moose, elk, caribou, elephants, lions, and anti-poaching endeavors globally. DSC equally emphasizes education, cultivating future generations of informed sportsmen, sportswomen, and conservationists. Through vigilant advocacy efforts, DSC fights against legislation that threatens hunting and wildlife welfare. Notably, the DSC-PAC amplifies hunter advocacy, supporting candidates who staunchly uphold hunting heritage and science-based wildlife management.

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