Fly Fishers International (FFI)

Fly Fishers International

Fly Fishers International (FFI) is a passionate and dedicated conservation organization that places a strong emphasis on fostering the legacy of fly fishing. Their mission revolves around the preservation of fly fishing opportunities for “All Fish, All Waters” through a combination of conservation, education, and the cultivation of a thriving fly fishing community. FFI envisions itself as a key player in the global fly fishing community, working collaboratively with individuals, organizations, and industry leaders to positively influence the evolution of the sport.

This organization is guided by a set of shared core values that underscore their commitment to preserving fly fishing and its natural environments. FFI believes in the importance of conservation, serving as a leading voice for fly fishing and the wider fly fishing community. They advocate for the preservation of natural landscapes grounded in the best available science, and emphasize excellence in fly fishing education, including conservation, casting, tying, and angling skills. Collaboration and diversity are also fundamental principles for FFI, recognizing that strong, diverse leadership and membership are essential for effective representation. FFI’s strategic plan focuses on leadership development, targeted communication efforts, and robust development programs to support key projects and initiatives, with conservation as a central pillar of their work. They are known for pioneering catch and release practices and continue to champion the protection of both saltwater and freshwater fisheries and their habitats, ensuring the legacy of fly fishing lives on for future generations.

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