Migratory Bird Joint Ventures

Migratory Bird Joint Ventures

Migratory Bird Joint Ventures are cooperative regional partnerships dedicated to the conservation of bird habitats and the well-being of birds, wildlife, and communities. Since their establishment in response to the North American Waterfowl Management Plan in 1986, these Joint Ventures have expanded their coverage across nearly all of the United States, Canada, and substantial portions of Mexico. Their overarching vision envisions a North American landscape where diverse native bird populations thrive, recognizing the interconnectedness of healthy landscapes, thriving wildlife, and the prosperity of nations.

These Joint Ventures are structured with management boards comprising representatives from partner organizations and technical committees composed of experts in migratory bird science and conservation. They play a pivotal role in guiding strategies and plans to enhance bird conservation efforts, with a focus on habitat protection and restoration. Funding for Joint Ventures is primarily derived from Congressional appropriations administered through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, supplemented by contributions from various partners. Throughout their history, Joint Ventures have demonstrated impressive leveraging, turning each dollar of Congressional funding into 31 dollars for the conservation of essential bird habitats, covering a total of 27 million acres.

Getting involved with Migratory Bird Joint Ventures offers numerous opportunities for individuals and organizations to contribute to bird habitat conservation efforts. Through collaboration, these Joint Ventures aim to promote the well-being of native bird populations while nurturing the ecological health of North American landscapes.

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