North American Grouse Partnership (NAGP)

North American Grouse Partnership

The North American Grouse Partnership (NAGP) is a dedicated international organization formed in 1999 by thirteen passionate wildlife biologists. This organization has a singular focus: to champion the cause of declining grouse species and their habitats across North America. NAGP operates on several fronts, including raising public awareness about the challenges faced by grouse populations, providing critical oversight for the health of these birds, implementing effective solutions to the issues causing their declines, and advocating for public policies and management decisions that will rejuvenate vital habitats and promote grouse populations.

NAGP’s commitment to conservation is reflected in its membership options, allowing individuals to support their cause at various levels, from annual memberships to lifetime commitments. Members enjoy a range of benefits, including a NAGP decal, access to the organization’s newsletter, and updates on grouse conservation efforts. With a history rooted in the shared concern for the future of North American grouse species, NAGP continues to be a beacon of hope and action for these iconic birds and their habitats.

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