Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society (RMBS)

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society

The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society (RMBS) is a 501(c)(3) conservation organization committed to the preservation and improvement of bighorn sheep populations across Colorado and the western United States. At its core, RMBS advocates for science-based wildlife management practices while also taking on the crucial role of educating the public about the natural history of these magnificent animals and their vital conservation requirements.

RMBS holds a multifaceted mission, with key objectives being the promotion of science-based bighorn sheep management, public education regarding the lives and habitats of bighorn sheep, and the safeguarding of sportsmen’s rights to ethical hunting opportunities. To achieve these goals, RMBS actively collaborates with various federal and state agencies, along with other non-governmental organizations and private consulting firms. Through these partnerships, the society advances bighorn sheep conservation, research, and hunting initiatives.

Overall, RMBS’s dedication to bighorn sheep conservation exemplifies its commitment to preserving these iconic creatures and their habitats while ensuring the responsible enjoyment of these natural resources for generations to come.

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