Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance

Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance

The Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance (RMGA) is a conservation organization with a clear and vital mission: to promote the management, expansion, and enhancement of Rocky Mountain Goats’ populations in native and suitable non-native habitats throughout North America. RMGA operates with a deep commitment to ensuring the conservation of these unique creatures while avoiding any adverse effects on native ungulates. A significant part of their mission involves educating the public about ongoing conservation projects, advocating for sustainable hunting opportunities, and actively engaging in conservation efforts.

The RMGA Board of Directors, composed of dedicated volunteers from both Canada and the United States, shares a passion for mountain goats and works tirelessly to advance the organization’s mission. Additionally, RMGA has regional representatives who collaborate with local stakeholders and bring regional concerns to the forefront for review and consideration by the Board and the Science and Conservation Committee. RMGA’s focus on preserving and enhancing the Rocky Mountain Goat population while fostering public awareness and sustainable hunting opportunities underscores its unwavering commitment to wildlife conservation.

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