Running Rivers

Running Rivers

Running Rivers is a dynamic conservation organization with a compelling mission: to conserve and restore native fish populations in freshwater ecosystems. Their approach is unique, as they encourage people to engage in conservation through recreation, education, and on-the-ground projects. By facilitating connections between people and healthy freshwater ecosystems through innovative recreational events and educational activities, Running Rivers aims to inspire a sense of responsibility and privilege in outdoor enthusiasts towards the preservation of public lands and waters.

A prominent program within Running Rivers is the Flyathlon, where participants are challenged not only to engage in outdoor activities like fishing and running but also to raise funds for protecting the very streams they enjoy. Over the years, Running Rivers has made significant contributions to conservation projects, including the reclamation of watersheds, stream restorations, trail work, and educational initiatives. Their projects span various locations, from the Sand Creek watershed in Great Sand Dunes National Park to the Clear Fork East Muddy Creek and Jim Creek in Colorado, all dedicated to preserving native fish populations and their habitats. Through these efforts and partnerships with like-minded organizations, Running Rivers is making a tangible difference in the conservation of freshwater ecosystems.

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