Shepherds of Wildlife Society

Shepherds of Wildlife Society

Shepherds of Wildlife Society is on a mission to rekindle the connection between modern society and the natural world. Recognizing the growing disconnect between people and wildlife due to factors like urbanization and population growth, this organization is committed to educating and motivating individuals to become stewards of the environment. They achieve this through a range of educational materials, including captivating visuals and documentary films that showcase the beauty and importance of wildlife and its habitats.

Shepherds of Wildlife’s vision is one where wildlife and civilization exist in harmony, with people valuing and actively contributing to the preservation and protection of nature. By bridging the gap between humanity and the natural world, they aim to inspire current and future generations to embrace their role in conservation. Through their educational and motivational materials, the society strives to influence policymakers, business leaders, educators, and influencers to champion wildlife conservation and the reconnection of society with the environment. In a world where nature is often viewed as abstract and distant, the Shepherds of Wildlife Society seeks to make it tangible, emphasizing the importance of balance and sustainability for both humans and wildlife.

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