U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is a federal agency within the U.S. Department of the Interior responsible for the conservation, protection, and management of the nation’s fish, wildlife, and their habitats. Established in 1871, it is the oldest wildlife conservation agency in the world. The USFWS works to ensure the sustainability of diverse species, including endangered and threatened ones, and their habitats across the United States.

Its mission encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, from enforcing wildlife laws and regulations to conducting research, restoring habitats, and engaging in partnerships with other organizations and communities to promote conservation efforts. The agency also manages a system of national wildlife refuges that provide vital habitats for wildlife and offer recreational opportunities for the public. Through its work, the USFWS plays a crucial role in preserving America’s natural heritage and supporting biodiversity for future generations.

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