Wild Steelhead Coalition (WSC)

Wild Steelhead Coalition

Dedicated to the restoration of native wild steelhead populations in their original habitats, the Wild Steelhead Coalition strives to achieve self-sustaining runs and foster economic vitality within local communities. As a custodian of the iconic Pacific Coast wild steelhead, the organization operates under a steadfast commitment to conservation values such as perseverance, collaboration, science-based solutions, and pragmatic strategies. The coalition works collectively to establish powerful alliances for safeguarding and rejuvenating wild steelhead populations, recognizing that these remarkable fish serve as indicators of watershed health. Through their Conservation Award, the Wild Steelhead Coalition recognizes individuals and groups who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and accomplishments in protecting and propagating wild steelhead, a vital endeavor in the journey to secure a prosperous future for these remarkable fish and their ecosystems.

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