The primary goal of this website, podcast and associated social media platforms have always been to document my journey becoming a hunter, angler and outdoorsman... and to share with all y'all everything I learn all along the way. To offset the somewhat burdensome cost of running The Wild Initiative, I'll often use affiliate links that will make me a couple cents on the dollar... instead of using direct site links that get me diddly-squat. Other times, I may get a free hat or beer koozie from a friend or even be lucky enough to have someone pick up the lunch tab.

I have a firm policy of only promoting products that I wholly believe in. However, our federal government nannies in the FTC have no faith in your abilities of discernment. Consequently, they require that, as a podcaster, blogger and social influencer wannabe, I disclose any possible situations that could cause the slightest bias in my recommendations. Fully complying with their regulations would be near-impossible and would make near everything I post an absolute mess of legalese. So, for any link that I post, guest I interview, product I use, logo I wear, company I mention or positive thought I think... Please assume that I'm doing so with a profoundly sinister hidden agenda and that all of the following hold true:


Images courtesy of Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer. Thanks to Cody Rich of The Rich Outdoors Podcast for turning me on to this imagery.