Ep 2 – Hunting Talk with “Just” Samson


“Just” Samson joins Sam on Living Country in the City to share his journey, childhood memories, and deep passion for hunting in this episode. In a conversation that spans from childhood escapades to recent hunting trips, Samson delves into the multifaceted world of hunting, shedding light on the challenging yet deeply rewarding aspects of the activity.

Samson’s hunting journey began at an early age, shaped by his mom’s influence and a misadventure involving a neighbor’s cow. From those humble beginnings, he progressed from shooting chickens and rabbits with a handmade bow to eventually hunting with a rifle. His commitment to eating only what he catches has led him to try a diverse array of animals, ranging from snakes to raccoons.

Hunting has taken Samson through various terrains, including the challenging landscape of Southern California. In a region teeming with predators and limited access, he’s pursued deer, bobcats, bears, and more. Despite the obstacles, Samson emphasizes how hunting serves as a way to connect with nature and gain a deeper appreciation for food sources.

Throughout his hunting experiences, Samson has encountered different perspectives within the anti-hunting community. He highlights the need for ethical behavior within the hunting community itself and speaks about the vital role hunting plays in conservation efforts.

Training for hunting at high elevations demands both physical preparation and mental toughness. Samson underlines the importance of ethical shots and the value of mentorship, research, and experience in achieving success in hunting. He offers insights into the accessibility of hunting, the challenges faced, and the sense of satisfaction it brings.

Hunting gear tips abound, from saving money on used items to investing in quality boots. Samson emphasizes the importance of being prepared, sharing personal stories of testing gear and learning from each hunting experience.

Samson’s passion for hunting and nature shines throughout the podcast. He discusses observing elk behavior, networking within the hunting community, and the significance of sharing knowledge. His dedication to ethical hunting practices and the value of mentorship adds depth to his insights.

As the conversation wraps up, Samson expresses gratitude to listeners while promoting his podcast and upcoming events. Tune in for a captivating discussion that takes you deep into the heart of the hunting experience.

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