Ep 21 – Corey Jacobsen on Elk101 and Becoming a More Consistently Successful Elk Hunter


Corey Jacobsen, nine-time elk calling world champion and the brains behind Elk101’s University of Elk Hunting Online Course, joins Sam on Living Country in the City to share his expertise in elk hunting and his passion for education within the hunting community.

In this episode, Corey Jacobsen discusses his journey in creating Elk101, an online platform aimed at educating and improving the success rates of elk hunters through their University of Elk Hunting Online Course. The low success rates in elk hunting prompted Corey to share his knowledge, despite facing criticism, and to foster a sense of unity among hunters. The course covers a wide range of topics, from licenses and scouting to calling techniques and post-hunt strategies, with the goal of increasing both knowledge and confidence among hunters, ultimately making elk hunting more accessible and successful. 

The episode delves into Corey’s excitement for the University of Elk Hunting course, offering listeners a chance to win an all-expense-paid elk hunting trip. The popularity of Elk101 and its community is discussed, highlighting the passion and camaraderie of experienced hunters who share their insights to ensure the growth of the hunting community. Corey also shares details about a new diaphragm call for elk hunting, developed after months of research and testing, which promises to be a game-changer for hunters.

Corey emphasizes the importance of becoming a consistently successful elk hunter, discussing the need for physical conditioning and the upcoming modules on late-season elk hunting by Randy Newberg. The episode also delves into the notion that hunting success is not solely defined by harvesting an elk but by learning from mistakes and applying those lessons to future hunts. Corey’s simplified sequence of elk calls, designed to increase confidence and success, is explained, focusing on vocal interaction and communication with the elk.

Furthermore, the episode explores how emotion and understanding play a pivotal role in elk calls, trumping technical prowess. Corey advocates that practice and understanding can lead anyone to successfully call an elk, even without being a world-class caller. The episode concludes by reminding listeners that anyone can become a successful elk hunter by keeping things simple and facing their fears.

Throughout the episode, Corey Jacobsen’s passion for elk hunting and his commitment to educating fellow hunters shine, inspiring listeners to embrace the learning process and unity within the hunting community.

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Corey Jacobsen


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