Ep 33 – Hunting Tips and Tactics for Your Trip to Elk Camp with Cody Rich of The Rich Outdoors Podcast


Cody Rich of The Rich Outdoors Podcast joins Sam on Living Country in the City for a Q&A session on elk hunting tips and tactics for your trip to elk camp. In this episode, we cover the excitement and fear surrounding the first hunt, struggles of hunting solo versus with a partner, measuring success and dealing with self-doubt, enjoying the moments that suck because they make the best stories, viewing each hunt as a challenge and test, sacrificing hunting time to podcast, dealing with pressured elk, how long to stay in an area when you’re not finding elk, dealing with an overactive gag reflex, calling skill, strategy and frequency, playing the wind, dealing with scent, packing out, field care of meat, dealing with lions, wolves and bears (oh my), and much more!

See more on the show notes page at livingcountry.com/33.

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