Ep 64 – Elk Calling for the Complete Beginner with Corey Jacobsen and Jason Phelps


Corey Jacobsen of Elk101 and Jason Phelps of Phelps Game Calls join Sam on The Wild Initiative for an elk-calling masterclass that promises to be both enlightening and exhilarating. Prepare to be immersed in the world of elk hunting as Corey and Jason share their expertise, guiding you through the intricacies of effective elk-calling techniques.

Discover the art and science behind elk calling as the discussion takes you from the fundamentals to the finer nuances. From developing muscle memory for precise calls to experimenting with diverse elk call variations, this episode uncovers the secrets of authentic elk calling that can only be honed through practice and dedication.

Explore the crucial role of latex types, tongue placement, and air pressure in creating the perfect elk call. Corey and Jason lift the curtain on the craftsmanship that goes into producing these essential tools, where handmade prowess meets sonic perfection. Whether you’re a seasoned elk hunter or a novice eager to learn, this episode offers a wealth of insights that can elevate your elk-calling game.

The conversation steers into the realms of mastering cow calls, introducing bugle tubes, and merging science with art for pitch-perfect imitations of elk sounds. Corey’s journey to create a universal elk call, capable of producing both delicate cow calls and commanding bugles, adds an element of innovation to the mix.

Join Corey Jacobsen and Jason Phelps as they unravel the tapestry of elk calling, weaving together tradition, technique, innovation, and a message of unity within the hunting industry. Whether you’re an ardent hunter or simply intrigued by the allure of the wild, this episode promises an unforgettable exploration of elk calling that transcends competition and fosters a sense of unity within the hunting community. Tune in to embark on this auditory journey into the heart of the elk-hunting world.

Guest Info

Corey Jacobsen


Jason Phelps/Phelps Game Calls

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