Ep 72 – Hunting, Tourettes and a Bunch of Other Bulls**t with Aron Snyder and Frank Peralta of Kifaru


Aron Snyder and Frank Peralta join Sam on Living Country in the City at the Kifaru headquarters in Wheatridge, CO, for a candid and colorful conversation that takes a wild and often profane journey through a variety of topics. While covering everything from South Park and cursing on podcasts to dating in Los Angeles and CBD oil, this episode showcases the unique blend of humor, irreverence, and genuine insights that Aron and Frank bring to the table.

The discussion kicks off with a hilarious and unfiltered exploration of topics that range from the mundane to the outrageous. Aron and Frank share their thoughts on everything from California’s superiority complex to navigating the dating scene in LA. The conversation takes unexpected turns, delving into subjects like road trips, CBD oil, and the joys of watching South Park, specifically the memorable Tourette’s episode.

Despite the light-hearted banter, the episode also delves into more serious topics. The duo discusses the darker aspects of the hunting industry, highlighting issues like loyalty, fabrications, and the challenges faced by wildlife populations due to certain actions. With refreshing honesty, Aron and Frank address the controversies within the industry, reflecting on both the negative and positive interactions they’ve encountered.

Hunting experiences and partnerships take the spotlight as Aron and Frank share anecdotes about their hunting escapades. From mishaps with bows to unexpected encounters with elk and wolves, their stories are both entertaining and insightful, offering a glimpse into the world of avid hunters.

The conversation then shifts to more profound reflections on the outdoors and the hunting community. The speakers touch on the impact of technology on hunting and the importance of setting realistic goals. They emphasize the significance of enjoying the experience rather than striving for unrealistic expectations, and they advocate for responsible hunting practices that prioritize ethical considerations.

The episode concludes with a thought-provoking exploration of human-wildlife interactions. Aron and Frank recount instances of wildlife harassment and discuss the repercussions of reintroducing non-native wolves to certain areas, shedding light on the delicate balance of ecosystems and the complexities of conservation efforts.

In this lively and often unfiltered discussion, Aron Snyder and Frank Peralta bring their distinctive perspectives and candid personalities to the forefront. From humor to insights, they touch on a wide range of topics, leaving listeners entertained, informed, and, at times, surprised. So, if you’re ready for an episode that combines laughs, deep reflections, and a bit of irreverence, this one’s for you.

Guest Info

Aron Snyder

Frank Peralta


Kifaru, Int’l

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