Ep 79 – Paul “ElkNut” Medel and the Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Elk Vocalization


The “ElkNut,” Paul Medel, joins Sam on Living Country in the City to unveil the secrets of elk vocalization in the ultimate insider’s guide for successful elk hunting. As a seasoned elk hunter with 35 years of dedication to understanding elk vocalizations, Paul shares his wealth of knowledge and tips for effectively communicating with elk. Drawing parallels between elk and turkey hunting, Paul highlights the significance of instructional videos and tools in honing elk calling skills.

Navigating through the nuanced world of elk vocalizations, Paul divulges the intricacies of their language and how mastering it can spell the difference between a fruitful hunt and an empty expedition. From locating bugles to imitating breeding sequences, Paul delves into various vocalization techniques that can attract, engage, and call in bulls.

With a focus on preparation, physical conditioning, and affordable equipment, Paul encourages hunters to leverage resources like the ElkNut app, a comprehensive guide to elk vocalization. This app equips hunters with the knowledge to quickly learn and understand elk sounds, empowering them to interpret the emotions and behaviors of these majestic creatures.

For those embarking on an elk hunting journey, Paul’s advice is invaluable. He underscores the importance of staying motivated, setting achievable goals, and pursuing passions. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced hunter, Paul’s insights into elk vocalization will undoubtedly elevate your hunting prowess.

Tune in to Living Country in the City and discover the world of elk vocalization through the expert lens of the ‘ElkNut.’ Whether you’re an avid hunter or a curious enthusiast, this episode offers an unrivaled insight into the captivating realm of elk communication.

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