Ep 171 – Dark Waters: Dark Stories of Creatures that Go Bump in the Night


Dark Waters, the King of YouTube Horror and a paranormal investigator, joins Sam on The Wild Initiative for a spine-chilling Halloween episode. Prepare for a journey into the realm of the unknown as Dark Waters shares stories and insights he’s gathered about the eerie creatures lurking in the woods and beyond, waiting to send shivers down your spine.

In this episode, Dark Waters delves into his investigation style, revealing how he distinguishes genuine stories from false ones and how he deals with skeptics. Brace yourself for hair-raising tales, from encounters with the enigmatic Dogman, fire demons, and faceless humanoids to the elusive Red Man, all of which will make you reconsider those early-morning hunts and late-night treks.

For those who relish a good scare and have an interest in the unknown, this episode is an eye-opener. Dark Waters brings his expertise to the forefront, urging listeners to be open-minded and cautious when it comes to the supernatural. Prepare to enter a world of cryptic encounters, eerie phenomena, and tales that will leave you with a newfound awareness of the unexplained.

Guest Info

Dark Waters

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