Ep 215 – Robbie Kroger: Back to Blood Origins


Robbie Kroger with Blood Origins joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to discuss the loaded term “trophy hunting”, high fence hunting, and some problematic issues within the hunting community/industry. Robbie and Sam talk about what it means to be a trophy hunter and the hunting community being its own enemy when it comes to tearing each other down and judging each other’s hunts/kills. Robbie elaborates on how Blood Origins isn’t afraid to go up against anti-hunters and educate them, explaining how they’re wrong in a respectful way. Sam and Robbie continue on to discuss the benefits and consequences of hunting. As a result of Blood Origins’ efforts, a number of accounts have blocked them due to Blood Origin’s advocacy affecting their business, following, engagement, etc. Robbie and Sam both agree that we as hunters can’t put ourselves on a pedestal and that we need to bring to light what is wrong and what is right in hunting. It’s important to be honest and own up to our mistakes. Robbie states he’s only interested in conveying the truth about hunting. Does what you post help or hurt hunting and is it honest?

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