Ep 216 – Hank Shaw: Hunt, Gather, Cook


Hank Shaw, wild game chef and author of Hunt, Gather, Cook, Buck, Buck, Moose and more, joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to talk wild game cooking. Hank and Sam find some common ground when they talk about living in California and growing up fishing. They discuss different ways they cook wild game, misconceptions about older animals vs younger animals and even game that most wouldn’t consider eating. A good point Hank points out is most people are “cooking the tender parts too much and the tough parts too little” which can result in a dislike towards certain meat/game. Hank goes over the proper dry-aging process, creating master stock, what hot boning is, and many more tidbits to getting tender, tasty meat. It doesn’t matter how you eat your animal, it matters that you eat your animal. 

See more on the show notes page at thewildinitiative.com/216 .

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