Ep 220 – Lt. John Nores: The Hidden War in the Wild


Lt. John Nores, retired CDFW game warden, recipient of the California Governor’s Medal of Valor and author of Hidden War and War in the Woods, joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to discuss the largely unknown battle for our public lands against the drug cartels. John and Sam discuss the issues that hunters and conservationists face coming up against anti-hunting activist groups, such as mountain lion management and get into some of what differentiates a game warden from a park ranger. John also looks back on his unique journey to becoming a game warden and how his time working in rough areas of Southern California directed his career path towards special operations. John and Sam then dig into the difference between legal and illegal grows, the destructive effect illegal grow operations have on wildlife and habitat areas and the extreme level of crime associated with those illegal grows due to cartel involvement.

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