Ep 221 – Ryan Michler: Choose Your Problems


Ryan Michler, host of the Order of Man podcast and author of Sovereignty, joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to dive into difficult life decisions that result in making us better people. Ryan says life is a series of trade-offs. While circumstances may differ for everyone, we can always challenge ourselves and work hard to get to where we want to be in life. They talk about how past all the excuses, investing your time, investing in yourself, and making sacrifices will help you grow as an individual. Later, Ryan and Sam discuss how hunting requires a lot of hard work, especially through the preparation, knowledge, skill, and practice required for success. Hunting teaches patience and perseverance that both guys agree have helped them become better people. They also discuss Ryan’s mastermind extension of Order of Man, The Iron Council, where ambitious and motivated men connect and work to improve 4 key areas of their lives. 

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