Ep 223 – Raymond “Erik the Viking Raider” Rowe: Life Eats Life


Raymond Rowe aka Erik of the Viking Raiders, WWE Superstar, hunter and homesteader joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to talk about some of the highs and lows of being self-sustaining. Raymond and his wife Sarah live a raw and rugged life, hunting and producing their own food. While industries force animals into an unnatural pace of life, this family moves at the speed of the animal for a better end result. If you take care of the animal, they’ll take care of you. Raymond and Sam, discuss how posting a picture of an ethical kill lost Sarah thousands of followers and how the conversations regarding hunting on social media tend to devolve into a hateful bashing of anyone whose viewpoints don’t align. Raymond also talks about his first deer harvest and the highest of highs along with the lowest of lows he experienced from the beginning to the end of his hunt. A lot of people that hate or disagree with hunting and ranching don’t understand what all goes into it… at the end of the day, “life eats life.”

See more on the show notes page at thewildinitiative.com/223.

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