Ep 224 – Ryan Gill: Progressing to Primitive


Ryan Gill of Hunt Primitive joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to talk about the ins and outs of primitive hunting as well as spilling some of his expert advice. After years of rifle hunting, shooting big deer, and just the same old deal every time, Ryan got into primitive hunting to challenge himself and consistently raise the bar. Through his passion for primitive hunting, he started “Hunt Primitive” to involve others and spread the same passion and knowledge. Although there are many misconceptions about primitive hunting, Ryan works hard to make sure all information is on the line. Some people consider it unethical to harvest deer using such an age-old method, but Ryan has repeatedly proven them wrong. He says it’s not specifically about ethics, it’s about efficiency. Because if you’re efficient in your shots, you’re ethical in your shots.

See more on the show notes page at thewildinitiative.com/224.

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