Ep 227 – Trent Marsh: The Death of the Outdoor Generalist


Trent Marsh of Spypoint joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to discuss the loss of the “outdoor generalist” and how that affects hunting. Trent and Sam discuss how more and more increasingly niche hunting interests have created severe issues when it comes to hunting advocacy. Trent emphasizes that experiencing more of hunting and the outdoors in different ways allows us to be more informed and more effective in our defense of hunting. As Trent says, “I would rather walk down the buffet and try a little bit of everything than go to an all-you-can-eat prime rib dinner and just be stuck on one.” They then go on to discuss the fast evolution of trail cams in recent history along with hunting technology in general and what defines the line of ethics when it comes to that technology.

See more on the show notes page at thewildinitiative.com/227.

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