Ep 229 – Rachelle Schrute: Beer, Pretzels and Conservation


Rachelle Schrute, an avid hunter, conservationist, and staunch advocate for public lands, sits down with Sam on The Wild Initiative for an engaging conversation about the thrill of hunting and its vital connection to conservation. Rachelle shares her profound experiences, from getting within “licking distance” of screaming elk during hunts to her passionate journey into conservation and land access, spurred by the controversial issue of corner crossing in Montana.

But Rachelle’s dedication to preserving our natural heritage hasn’t come without its challenges. She reveals the shocking reality of receiving hundreds of death threats a day from within the hunting community as she became a lightning rod for debates as “the poster child for everything that’s wrong with conservation.” Her response? “If you’re going to say that I’m doing it wrong, then maybe you should step up and do it the way you think is right.”… “if it all goes to hell, tough s#%t.”

This episode also delves into the ever-evolving “purity index” within the landscape of hunting on social media and the importance of ethical hunters sharing their experiences to counteract negative portrayals. Rachelle reminds us, “If ethical hunters stop sharing what we do, then all you’re left with is the douchebags sharing it, and that becomes what people see as hunting.”… “If there are no visuals of what ethical, responsible hunting is, they will represent us all by default.”

Ultimately, this conversation with Rachelle Schrute highlights the transformative power of hunting and the need for hunters to actively engage in conservation efforts and education to ensure a sustainable future for both the sport and the natural world. Join Sam and Rachelle as they navigate the thrilling world of hunting and conservation advocacy.

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Rachelle Schrute

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