Ep 230 – Johnny Mack: Spring Bear Tips & Tactics


Johnny Mack of The Soulful Hunter Podcast and Washington Backcountry joins Sam on The Wild Initiative for an inspiring episode packed with valuable insights into spring bear hunting. Johnny begins by sharing his wealth of knowledge on the subject, emphasizing the importance of mentorship and conservation in the world of hunting.

The conversation kicks off with Johnny imparting his tips and tactics for successful spring bear hunting. He stresses the significance of being well-prepared and simplifying the process while taking a leadership role in conservation efforts. Johnny’s approach is all about investing time in others, ensuring the legacy of hunting is passed on to future generations.

As the discussion unfolds, the hosts delve into their experiences and encounters while hunting with friends, shedding light on the realities of not always getting along with everyone. They emphasize the value of focusing their time on individuals who are genuinely interested in learning and preserving the hunting tradition.

Johnny shares his transition from backpacking to bear hunting, recounting the excitement and inspiration that come with harvesting your first animal. Their adventures take them on a nine-mile hike to set up camp and hunt for black bears, recruiting two other new hunters to join them in their quest. Despite some initial interruptions by hikers and their dogs, the group eventually crosses paths with a bear, leading to an exhilarating encounter.

The episode underscores the importance of utilizing all available resources, including non-traditional ones, to maximize success in bear hunting. It encourages listeners to leverage hiker reports and online resources to discover prime hunting spots, connect with fellow hunters, and gather crucial information for their expeditions. Building relationships with landowners, game wardens, and biologists is highlighted as a key factor in securing access to private lands and gaining valuable insights into the hunting environment.

Spring bear hunting tips are thoroughly covered, from scouting for south-facing slopes with early snowmelt and fresh sprouts to understanding bear behavior during this season. Johnny emphasizes the opportunities for scouting and hunting in the spring, making it an ideal time for beginners to embark on their own bear-hunting journey.

The conversation further delves into the world of long-range shooting, the importance of knowing your gear, and the value of connecting with local experts for guidance. Johnny and Sam share their insights on predator calling as a last-ditch option and the importance of being patient and observant while hunting bears.

As the episode draws to a close, the hosts offer advice for beginners feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of bear hunting. They encourage individuals to explore their own interests, start with simpler activities, and prioritize safety and mentorship.

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Soulful Hunter Podcast

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