Ep 232 – “Just” Samson: Hunting Stories and Lessons Learned


“Just” Samson, a returning guest and one of the earliest participants in The Wild Initiative podcast, reunites with Sam to dive deep into the world of hunting over the past five years. With a wealth of hunting experiences to draw from, Samson and Sam share their tales of successes and failures in the wild. They reminisce about their favorite hunting stories, touching on unconventional methods like hunting ducks with AK-47s and decapitating grouse with a side-by-side. 

They explore the profound lessons that hunting imparts, emphasizing the importance of teaching the youth about the circle of life through hunting and the values it instills. The discussion veers toward culinary pleasures, with a shared love for wild game tongues and hearts. They recount memorable moments, from calling in coyotes to pursuing elusive elk, highlighting the thrill of the chase and the deep connection to nature that hunting offers.

The conversation also delves into the future of hunting, with Samson’s dedication to ensuring hunting rights for his children. They acknowledge the diverse paths people take to embrace hunting, emphasizing the uniqueness of each hunter’s journey. Samson’s early exposure to animal dispatch for sustenance left an indelible mark, and he shares how his son, despite growing up in a suburban environment, is enthusiastic about hunting and has actively participated in skinning animals and savoring their hearts.

As they wrap up, they touch on the importance of improving the “marketing” for hunting and educating non-hunters about the realities of the sport, fostering a greater understanding of its role in conservation and the circle of life.

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