Ep 234 – Abby Casey: Airguns – Not Your Kid’s Airsoft Rifle


Abby Casey, avid airgunner and hunter, joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to shed light on the fascinating world of airguns. Abby extends a warm invitation to everyone, regardless of their appearance or gender, to embrace the burgeoning air gun industry, underlining its inclusivity.

Having transitioned from behind-the-scenes roles to becoming an on-camera host, Abby recounts her journey into the heart of airgunning, which took flight after her move to Wyoming. She dispels the common misconception that airguns are akin to BB guns or airsoft pistols, revealing their high-powered nature and impressive capabilities. As Abbey emphasizes, “Nine out of ten times, people who initially criticize airguns change their minds after experiencing the fun and excitement at the shooting range.”

Airguns, Abby emphasizes, have witnessed a surge in popularity due to their accessibility and versatility. From various competitions to the opportunity to practice shooting without live ammunition, airguns offer an array of options. Larger air guns even find their place in hunting and competitive shooting, requiring a substantial air reservoir.

These versatile airguns, comparable to bow hunting or muzzleloader hunting, are highly effective for close-range game hunting. They also serve as an excellent entry point for young shooters, potentially opening doors to scholarships and advanced shooting skills.

Abby touches upon the diminishing presence of firearm safety education in schools, resulting in increased fear and misunderstanding surrounding firearms. She, alongside her listeners, strives to educate kids about guns, despite societal pressures. Abby candidly shares her struggles in gaining traction for her air gun content on TikTok, but with a recent development on YouTube regarding hunting content, there’s newfound hope.

Navigating the terrain of online presence, Abby outlines her plans to create more YouTube content, extending a helping hand to those interested in hunting or shooting with airguns. Her advice is clear: start at a range with affordable products and seek guidance to build confidence.

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Abby Casey

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