Ep 236 – Brandon Bair: Keep the Joy in the Journey


Brandon Bair, former NFL player and co-founder of Rokman, shares his remarkable journey from the gridiron to the great outdoors in this episode of The Wild Initiative with Sam. Brandon’s story is a testament to the transformative power of hunting and the joy it can bring to families.

Growing up on a ranch, Brandon’s life was intimately connected with the land. He learned the value of hard work, the savagery of wild animals, and the importance of providing for his family from an early age. This strong foundation in the outdoors stayed with him, even as he pursued a successful career in college football at the University of Oregon and later in the NFL.

After retiring from professional football, Brandon rediscovered his passion for hunting and the outdoors. What’s truly heartwarming is that he’s passed this love down to his family, including his 12-year-old daughter, who has already bagged a bear and a deer. In a world where family members may not always share the same interests, Brandon’s experience highlights the importance of inspiring others with our passions and experiences, without ever forcing or pushing them.

Brandon’s story also touches on the life skills hunting imparts, such as resilience, patience, and mental toughness, and the potential of hunting to address food-related issues. He emphasizes the need to respect the sacrifice animals make for our survival and suggests that if more people raised or hunted for their own food, many problems related to the meat industry, obesity, and carbon footprint could be mitigated.

The conversation dives into the migration of people from cities to rural areas, driven by a newfound appreciation for the importance of truck drivers in delivering food. Brandon’s own journey from bustling city life to a quieter rural existence in Idaho serves as a testament to this shift.

Throughout the episode, the importance of welcoming those who want to live a better life in nature is highlighted. It’s a reminder that the great outdoors has a transformative effect, offering solace and inspiration to those who seek it.

Additionally, Brandon talks about his venture, Rokman, and the innovative modular waterproof pack system they’ve designed for hunters and outdoors enthusiasts. This system has been well-received for its unique features, including its waterproof design and versatility.

In closing, Brandon encourages listeners to step into the world of hunting, even if they’re intimidated by the gear or lack experience. His message is simple: “Just do it, just go give it a shot.” With this episode, Brandon Bair inspires us all to keep the joy in our journey and share our passions with those we love.

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