Ep 238 – Corey Child: The Best Hunter on TikTok


Corey Child, a.k.a. “The Best Hunter on TikTok,” joins Sam on The Wild Initiative for an eye-opening conversation about the essence of authentic hunting and the challenges hunters face in the world of social media. In this episode, Corey candidly addresses the misconceptions surrounding hunting, emphasizing the critical difference between genuine hunting experiences and merely pulling the trigger.

The discussion kicks off with Corey’s perspective on the skills and dedication required for hunting, drawing connections between hunting and social issues like pro-abortion stances. Corey, known for his TikTok fame, delves into his unexpected rise on the platform, where he’s celebrated for his shed and elk-hunting prowess. He reflects on the TikTok environment and how it has both bolstered his recognition and brought about unique challenges, including confronting biases against hunters.

The conversation turns to the controversial topic of pen-raised deer on wealthy ranches, with Corey expressing a preference for hunting in the wild rather than on high-fence properties. He passionately discusses the nuances of real hunting; it’s about being immersed in the experience and embracing the unpredictability of the hunt rather than contrived narratives. As Corey says, “Don’t try to tell me you hunt if you just paid; there’s a difference between hunting and pulling a trigger.”

Corey also shares insights into his experiences with hunting elk, recounting exhilarating moments and close encounters. The thrill of hearing an elk bugle in the wild, he explains, is an experience that transcends words and defines the essence of hunting.

The podcast takes a deeper dive into the importance of securing support for hunting and conservation efforts. Corey emphasizes the need for mentorship to kindle a passion for hunting in younger generations and advocates for respectful conversations on social media platforms to combat biases against hunters.

Throughout the episode, Corey’s passion for hunting shines through as he offers guidance to beginners, highlights the value of studying hunting videos, and reinforces the significance of authenticity in hunting media. Tune in to this insightful episode as Corey and Sam navigate the complex world of hunting, social media, and the enduring quest for authentic outdoor experiences.

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Corey Child

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