Ep 239 – Robby Denning: Hunting Big Mule Deer


Robby Denning, co-founder of Rokslide and author of Hunting Big Mule Deer, joins Sam on The Wild Initiative for a deep dive into the world of hunting these magnificent creatures. They kick off with an extensive book recommendation session, highlighting essential reads for aspiring mule deer hunters.

As the conversation unfolds, Robby highlights the unique challenges and opportunities presented by hunting big mule deer. He discusses the conservation efforts in Colorado and Wyoming that have positively impacted mule deer populations, emphasizing the importance of supporting local chapters and conservation initiatives. Robby delves into the mindset required for hunting success, stressing the mental resilience needed in the field. He shares his personal journey of shifting his focus from elk hunting to mule deer hunting, describing the fulfillment he finds in pursuing these elusive animals.

The discussion turns to the specific techniques and strategies for hunting big mule deer, including glassing, tracking, still hunting, and spot-and-stalk. Robby’s insights draw from his book Hunting Big Mule Deer, and he underscores the need for continuous learning and refinement of hunting approaches. The conversation wraps up with a focus on conservation and wildlife management. Robby applauds Wyoming’s efforts to protect mule deer migration corridors and highlights the significance of road safety for wildlife. He encourages hunters to get involved in local chapters and support fish and game organizations.

If you’re passionate about mule deer hunting or eager to improve your hunting skills, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and insights.

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Robby Denning


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