Ep 240 – Travis McClendon: Maximizing Your Hunt


Travis McClendon of The Guide Life, Zero Guide Fees, Arizona Strip Guides, and Arizona Elk Outfitters joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to dive deep into the world of hunting in the American West. Travis shares his profound insights on leadership in hunting and how vegetarianism impacts wildlife. He passionately emphasizes the crucial role of proper gear and delves into his exciting collaboration with videographer Mike Attebery on their show “GuideLife.”

Travis also takes a reflective journey through his family’s hunting legacy and how technology has revolutionized the art of video editing. He places a significant emphasis on the paramount importance of fitness in hunting, especially in Arizona, and generously offers priceless insights into the state’s wonderfully diverse hunting opportunities. Travis engages in a captivating discussion about the shifting behavior of elk during the rut and eloquently contrasts the behaviors of mountain and desert mule deer. Tune in for a treasure trove of practical tips, from honing your spotting and stalking skills to elevating your shooting proficiency and embracing the challenges of real-life hunting scenarios.

Discover the magic of Arizona’s distinctive hunting experiences and gain a deep understanding of the state’s innovative regulations designed for non-resident hunters. Travis provides invaluable insights into hunting application systems and the paramount importance of transparency among fellow hunters. And as if that’s not enough, Travis unveils the game-changing Zero Guide Fees membership, a transformative initiative making hunting more accessible and affordable for everyone in the vast western states.

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just embarking on this exhilarating journey, this episode is an invaluable resource for maximizing your hunting experience. Travis and Sam’s engaging conversation encapsulates both the triumphs and tribulations of hunting in the wild, all while painting a vivid picture of a future where they may be old and gray, yet still passionately hunting the mountains. “I try to stay fit, so when I’m 74, I’m still gonna be out there with the bow, with the rifle… that’s more important to me than anything.”

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