Ep 241 – Paul “ElkNut” Medel: Sounds and Strategies for Calling in Every Elk


Paul “the ElkNut” Medel joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to unlock the secrets of successful elk hunting through expert calling techniques and a deep understanding of elk behavior. In this episode, Medel emphasizes that elk hunting is not just about making sounds; it’s about comprehending the nuanced language of elk and knowing when and where to communicate effectively. He shares invaluable insights, stressing the importance of research and practice before heading into the field, and he provides real-world examples of his favorite calling routines.

Medel delves into the significance of timing, the emotional nuances of elk sounds, and the situational awareness required for a successful hunt. He discusses the art of imitating dominant herd bulls to attract other bulls and explains how to differentiate between the needs of mature and younger elk. With Paul’s wisdom, listeners gain a comprehensive understanding of elk calling strategies, from cow party sequences to displaying and advertising sequences, all designed to provoke responses from these incredible animals. 

Additionally, Paul Medel teases an exciting update to the ElkNut app, which promises to revolutionize the way hunters approach elk calling. To top it off, there’s a thrilling giveaway for three lucky podcast listeners who stand a chance to win yearly subscriptions to this game-changing app. Whether you’re a seasoned elk hunter or just starting your journey, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and a chance to enhance your hunting skills.

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