Ep 242 – Britné Prosser: Spring Bear Successes


Britné Prosser, friend and long-time supporter of the podcast, joins Sam on The Wild Initiative in an engaging conversation about her journey as a female hunter, a newcomer to the world of hunting, and a mom who balances her love for the outdoors with family life. Britné shares her initial inspiration for hunting and recalls her first hunting experiences with her family. She candidly discusses how social media, specifically Instagram, played a pivotal role in connecting her with like-minded hunters and encouraging her to explore the world of hunting.

Britné delves into her early doubts and fears about hunting, revealing that she once considered becoming a vegan due to the negative perceptions surrounding hunting on social media. However, after finding inspiration from prominent figures like Cameron Haynes and Joe Rogan, she decided to take the plunge into hunting, which has since become an integral part of her life.

As the discussion unfolds, Britné emphasizes the importance of continual learning in the hunting world. She describes how she draws knowledge from various sources, including reading, hands-on experiences, and following inspirational hunters on Instagram, all while surrounding herself with down-to-earth mentors. She also reveals her admiration for female hunters who expertly balance family life with their passion for hunting.

The conversation takes an exciting turn as Britné shares her triumphant spring bear hunting experience in Idaho. Despite initial nerves and doubts, Britné successfully harvested her first bear. She vividly describes the challenges and excitement of the hunt, highlighting the unique sounds and emotions she experienced during the process. Britné shares a humorous story about getting a memorable nickname while skinning a bear, emphasizing the camaraderie and humor that can be found in the hunting community.

Britné expresses her deep gratitude for the support and assistance she received from her partner and family, emphasizing that her success was made possible through the investment of time, energy, and knowledge from others. She fondly recalls the taste of bear meat, particularly the summer sausage, and shares the challenges of tracking bears through dense brush.

In a heartwarming moment, Britné talks about her children’s curiosity and interest in trying different types of meat, with her youngest child particularly enjoying it. She shares her own positive experience with bear meat, noting its delicious, melt-in-your-mouth texture, especially when dipped in melted butter.

Britné’s journey as a hunter, newcomer, and mom is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of perseverance, learning, and connecting with nature. This episode is a delightful blend of personal experiences, hunting achievements, and the deep sense of community found in the world of hunting.

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Britné Prosser

Unbound Wanderer Pyrography

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