Ep 243 – Dan Cabela: The Impacts of Hunting & Conservation


Dan Cabela, executive director of the Cabela Family Foundation, joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to explore the profound connection between hunting and conservation. Growing up immersed in hunting and outdoor activities, Dan shares his journey from small game hunting to his passionate love for hunting in Africa. He delves into the critical role hunting plays in preserving wildlife and habitats, emphasizing the importance of maintaining lion habitat to prevent human-wildlife conflicts.

Dan’s experiences in the wild, from capturing black bears in Arkansas to collecting alligator eggs, underscore the impact of hunting on conservation. He highlights the Cabela Family Foundation’s efforts to reintroduce lions to the Zambezi Delta in Mozambique, showcasing how hunting and conservation go hand in hand.

Through his engaging storytelling, Dan emphasizes the significance of hunting as a social and cultural activity that unites families across generations. He discusses the evolving narrative in hunting media, moving beyond kill shots to share the complete hunting experience, including the struggles and communal aspects.

Dan passionately advocates for the invaluable connection between hunting, conservation, and outdoor initiatives. He encourages listeners to get involved, join conservation organizations, and actively participate in local chapters to make a direct impact on wildlife preservation. Dan’s dedication to preserving our natural heritage and fostering an understanding of hunting’s vital role shines through in this insightful podcast episode. Don’t miss his exciting upcoming TV series, “The Hard Truths of Conservation,” set to debut on August 20th. Engage with this inspiring conversation, and discover the transformative power of hunting in conservation efforts.

Guest Info

Dan Cabela

Cabela Family Foundation

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