Ep 245 – Capt. Zachariah Rollins: Outdoors, Fishing, and “The Captain Life”


Captain Zachariah Rollins, host of Along the Keel, joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to dive deep into his world of offshore fishing and the captivating life of a captain. With a family history rooted in generations of sou’wester-wearing longliners off the Rhode Island coast, Zach’s journey into the realm of fishing commenced at the tender age of 10. In this episode, Zach and Sam navigate through the captivating waters of different saltwater fishing styles, unearthing Zach’s voyage to becoming a captain, and delving into the crucial thread of preserving fishing and hunting resources, a legacy tracing back to Teddy Roosevelt, the pioneering architect of modern conservation.

Amid their engaging discourse, Zach and Sam lead a voyage through superstitions that steer clear of bananas and whistle-free boats. As the conversation meanders, the duo reminisces about everything from Zach’s formative years as a fisherman, encountering colossal 20-foot manta rays in Hawaiian waters, to the unique tapestry of creating his acclaimed podcast, “Along the Keel.”

The captivating tale unfolds as Captain Zachariah Rollins shares his enchanting encounters with whales and dolphins, interlaced with reflections on leadership, embarking on outdoor escapades, and persistently pursuing passions. Anchored within their dialogue is a profound appreciation for the maritime world, a sentiment carried by their shared understanding that the ocean’s power can be harnessed to shape lives and impact communities.

In a world brimming with challenges and opportunities, Zach’s narrative unveils the relentless spirit that has guided him. With each narrative arc, he illuminates the threads that interweave his journey, inviting listeners to join the crew in savoring the grandeur of the oceans, the allure of the outdoors, and the enduring camaraderie found on land and sea alike.

If you’re yearning to explore the open waters, resonate with the legacy of hunters and anglers, and bask in the wisdom of a seasoned captain, this episode is your compass to traverse a world where the horizon stretches as far as the heart’s desire.

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Zach Rollins

Along the Keel

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