Ep 246 – Lilian Mremi: Misconceptions of Hunting in Africa


Lilian Mremi, a native and game scout of The Rungwa Game Reserve, Tanzania, Africa, joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to provide a unique perspective as a professional African game scout. She shares how her journey into this role began, inspired by her uncle’s occupation as a wildlife commander. In this podcast, Lilian and Sam discuss the misconceptions surrounding hunting in Africa, shedding light on the closely regulated nature of these hunts, overseen by biologists and researchers with rules and quotas. Lilian emphasizes how hunting, when managed properly, benefits both wildlife and local communities in Africa, countering notions of overpopulation leading to habitat destruction and crop and livestock damage. “If there is overpopulation, there becomes a lack of food and in turn destruction to the habitat as well as the community crops and livestock.”

Lilian delves into the creative methods employed by local communities to deter animals from encroaching on human settlements, including strategies like hanging dried chili and using beehives. These techniques not only prevent conflict but also offer additional benefits, such as honey harvesting. She highlights the reduction of poaching in Africa and the efforts to renew elephant populations through regulated hunting, emphasizing that this practice contributes positively to both wildlife and local communities.

Hunting outfitters, contrary to misconceptions, greatly assist local communities by providing essential resources such as schools, roads, water, and employment. Lilian encourages those unfamiliar with African hunting practices to come and witness the process firsthand, inviting listeners to view the impact and benefits of hunting in Africa for themselves. “I encourage people to come and view the process for themselves.” She concludes with a heartwarming lesson in Swahili, “Asante Sana,” expressing gratitude and underscoring the importance of understanding different perspectives.

Understanding the multifaceted perspective presented by Lilian sheds light on the intricate relationship between hunting, conservation, and community support in Africa, dispelling stereotypes and misconceptions while fostering a deeper appreciation for the region’s unique approach to wildlife management.

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Lilian Mremi

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