Ep 247 – Charles Spiegel: A Target Rich Environment


Charles Spiegel, co-owner and co-host of Target Rich Environment TV, Helihunter, and Three Curl Outfitters, joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to delve into the world of feral hogs, their origin, and the imperative need to control their population. Charles provides insights into the rise of these non-native hogs in Texas, from their domestication to their transition into the wild, revealing how the constant population increase and the ensuing havoc on farms and ranches led them to become the world’s largest hog-hunting outfitter in the state. With a resolute declaration, he states, “We got started out of necessity, not necessarily a business.”

This episode uncovers the adaptability, intelligence, and astonishing reproductive speed of feral hogs, underscoring the looming threat they pose in terms of disease and parasites. Charles dissects their negative impact on native habitats and wildlife, where the pigs’ voracious appetites and aggressive behavior wreak havoc on ecosystems. The conversation takes a thrilling turn as Charles guides Sam through a helicopter hunting experience, painting vivid images of Led Zeppelin blasting in the background and pigs being dispatched from the helicopter’s vantage point.

As the discussion unravels, Charles unveils the dynamic world of hunting these creatures. The conversation touches on the intricate dynamics of eradicating 70% of the population to maintain equilibrium, the intricacies of heli-hunting, and the incorporation of military tactics and Led Zeppelin to maximize hunting efficiency. The popularity of hog hunting in Texas as both a business and recreational activity is revealed, with helicopters and thermal optics employed to cull these invasive creatures, making this episode an exhilarating peek into the high-speed world of aerial pig eradication.

Join Charles and the team on Target Rich Environment TV as they conquer the daunting task of curbing the hog population, all while weaving together the adventure and conservation narrative that encapsulates this captivating tale.

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Charles Spiegel & Three Curl Outfitters

Target Rich Environment TV

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