Guest Appearance
The Bakcou Life Podcast Ep 9

Hosted By

Travis Denny

The Backcou Life Podcast is a place for the team at Backcou to talk about all things electric bikes, business, marketing, hunting and lifestyle with partners and other industry leaders.

Sam “The Wild Initiative”

Travis flies solo and sits down with Sam of The Wild Initiative. Sam grew up in the city in Southern California, with very little experience in the outdoor industry. He’s a mostly self-taught sportsman and outdoorsman carving his own way into the industry who’s had the privilege of sitting down with industry legends Jim Shockey, Corey Jacobsen, and Ted Nugent, to name a few.

Travis and Sam talk about how he started his platform a little over four years ago and the paths it’s taken him on since, including leaving his full-time, corporate America job to fulfill his dream. From overcoming adversity to accomplishing things you never thought you’d have an interest in, no topic goes untouched.

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