GoWild is a platform founded by hunters, anglers, and outdoors enthusiasts who were determined to create a space for like-minded individuals in an era when mainstream social media seemed to be turning its back on the outdoor community. They embarked on this journey in 2016, working tirelessly to build an app dedicated to the outdoor lifestyle. Since its launch in 2017, GoWild has expanded rapidly, becoming a thriving community of sportsmen and women.

One of the standout features of GoWild is the Gearbox, introduced in response to the community’s love for discussing and crowdsourcing gear recommendations. This feature allows outdoor enthusiasts to find and tag the gear they’re using in various posts, making it easier for everyone to discover the best equipment for their outdoor adventures. With hundreds of thousands of products and real-time price monitoring, GoWild’s Gearbox is a go-to resource for gear enthusiasts. No matter what the future holds, GoWild remains committed to its mission of uniting outdoor enthusiasts, from veterans to newcomers and unlocking the gate to the great outdoors.

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