KUIU is the embodiment of a relentless passion for engineering the most innovative performance hunting gear on the planet. Founded by the visionary Jason Hairston, KUIU was born out of the desire to push the boundaries of hunting gear, emphasizing performance, ultralight weight, and cutting-edge technology.

Jason’s deep-rooted love for hunting shaped KUIU’s mission to create hunting gear that met the most demanding conditions and expectations. KUIU aims to deliver the lightest and highest-performing mountain hunting gear possible, directly to customers through a revolutionary online model, cutting out the middleman to ensure affordability and maintain uncompromising quality.

KUIU’s commitment to innovation in fabric technologies has set new standards in the hunting industry. From 3DEFX+® active insulation that combats moisture buildup during strenuous activities to QUIXDOWN® that makes down impervious to moisture, KUIU has consistently pushed the envelope. Primeflex® stretch fabric offers comfort and durability without weight, while DOT AIR® fabric combines breathability and sun protection. NUYARN® enhances traditional merino wool with improved comfort and durability, and DERMIZAX® NX revolutionizes waterproof and breathable gear. Wind-resistant fleece and Karuishu fleece exemplify KUIU’s dedication to warmth and comfort without added bulk.

KUIU stands as a testament to Jason Hairston’s vision and relentless pursuit of excellence in hunting gear. His legacy lives on through KUIU’s unwavering commitment to innovation, transparency, and the tradition of mountain hunting.

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