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A peculiar virtue in wildlife ethics is that the hunter ordinarily has no gallery to applaud or disapprove of his conduct. Whatever his acts, they are dictated by his own conscience, rather than by a mob of onlookers. It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of this fact.
— Aldo Leopold

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 About the Network

Despite our ever-changing, ever-indignant world with its growing ignorance of and indifference to the ways of the wild, I remain a predator, pitying those who revel in artificiality and synthetic success while regarding me and my kind as relics of a time and place no longer valued or understood.
— M.R. James

Thank you for your interest in The Wild Initiative Podcast Network. See the following pages for more information tiers.

What is TWI Podcast network?

The Wild Initiative partners with other like-minded podcasters to create a network to expand the accessibility and reach of this ever-growing abundance of content and find ways to promote the free exchange of outdoors knowledge.

Tied to that original mission, The Wild Initiative is looking to lower the bar of entry into the podcasting world and provide resources for new podcasters to lift their content out from the overabundance of noise.

What if I want to produce a podcast on my own?

Many factors can go into the production and distribution of a podcast. Additionally, each of these items can vary in cost depending on the experience level of the resources used. Take a look below at four of the most common factors involved in producing a podcast on your own and some average cost ranges for producing and releasing a weekly podcast (appx. 4-5 episodes/mo).


Podcast Hosting


Podcasts require specialized hosting services that range from bare-bones with low storage allowances up to high-end with detailed analytics and automation.


Audio Production


While you could upload your raw audio file, even with studio-quality recordings, audio editing is essential when it comes to producing a professional podcast.


Graphic Design


Quality graphic design can be the difference between a potential listener clicking through to your episode or just scrolling past on to the next show.


Project Management

10-20 hrs/mo

From file management and uploading to populating episode content and more, you can expect to invest significant amounts of your own time.


Counting these four factors alone, producing a professional weekly podcast on your own can cost significant time and funds, ranging from over $500/mo up to well over $1500/mo. Not included in this number are the additional costs of recording equipment, cloud file storage, conferencing software or services such as podcast consulting.

Whether you're investing your own time or investing your funds, producing and distributing a podcast comes with a steep cost.

What does TWI Network offer?


Tier 1 "Contributors"

You've got engaging guests, exciting content and maybe even a catchy tagline. However, you're working with tight funds and don't have the time or know-how to do it all yourself. Tier 1 is perfect for the budget-conscious podcaster looking to get a quick start.

How it works: For Tier 1, provide all the raw assets and, in return, you'll receive an embed code and all the finished graphics you'll need to promote your episode. Your podcast will be released on The Wild Initiative RSS feed and promoted as part of the network. Rather than trying to build from scratch, with Tier 1, you'll have the immediate benefit from the existing subscription base of The Wild Initiative.


Tier 2 "Network Members"

If you've already started a podcast, you've likely realized that the real work begins once you hit "stop recording." You've been producing everything on your own and, now it's time to step up your game with some professional production. Tier 2 is perfect for the podcaster, with an existing listener base, who is ready to streamline their workflow and tap into the promotional power of a podcast network.

How it works: Tier 2 is broken into two sub-tiers. Tier 2A works similarly to Tier 1 except your podcast will be released on a unique RSS feed. Tier 2B is for the podcaster interested in the promotional power of the network, but without the need for full production resources. For Tier 2B, you'll provide completed, rather than raw, assets and your podcast will be then populated, released and promoted as part of The Wild Initiative network.

Tier 3 "A La Carte"

Not really into the network thing? Don't worry. My feelings won't be hurt… at least not for long. Let The Wild Initiative work behind the scenes to help you produce a successful podcast. Tier 3 is perfect for the podcaster who isn't looking to be part of a network but is ready to streamline their workflow.

How it works: Tier 3 works just the same as Tier 2A, only without the network affiliation or promotion.


Thank You!

Thank you again for your interest in The Wild Initiative Podcast Network. For more information, pricing or to join, please contact us.

I stalk a real world of dark wood and tall grass stirred by a restless wind blowing across sunlit water and beneath star-strewn sky. And on those occasions when I choose to kill, to claim some small part of nature’s bounty for my own, I do so by choice, quickly with the learned efficiency of a skilled hunter.
— M.R. James