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Ep 114 - Pushing the Envelope on Every Hunt with James Hardesty and Dana Davison

James Hardesty and Dana Davison sit down with Living Country in the City at Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City. We discuss the difference between preservation and conservation, key lessons learned from their time hunting, the excitement of being part of someone else’s success. We also discuss tips for a first-time elk hunter to prepare both mentally and physically for their first hunt, pack animal comparisons and pushing your limits with every trip to develop mental toughness.

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Ep 71 - Leaving East for West with Weston Snyder

Living Country in the City sits down with his good friend Weston Snyder to talk about leaving Pennsylvania to hunt the West, taking his first elk, the difficulty of returning to a tree stand after chasing bugles through the backcountry, what contributed to his successes, duck hunting in Utah, hunting exotics in Texas and New Mexico, gear upgrades and hunting celebrities.

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