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Ep 108 - Protecting our Hunting Traditions from Being Going, Going, GONE with John Bair, VP of Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife

John Bair, VP of Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, sits down with Living Country in the City at Hunt Expo in SLC to discuss some of the biggest challenges facing hunters and our wildlife, not becoming a “single issue sportsman” by setting aside our personal interests for the sake of hunting, his passion for coyote and predator hunting, the heritage of trapping, appreciating the good days because of the bad and tips on how to choose a location for a coyote stand.

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Ep 86 - Callin’ Coyotes with Garrett Johnson, the Brush Wolf Hunter

Garrett Johnson, the Brush Wolf Hunter, joins Living County in the City to talk about the ethics of predator hunting, tips for calling coyotes, decoy dogs, calling in your underwear, pet coyote pups, rookie mistakes and the strategy of calling coyotes as a giant rabbit.

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