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Ep 115 - Solving the World’s Problems, One Hunt at a Time with Kristy Titus

Kristy Titus returns to Living Country in the City to catch up after two years. In this podcast they discuss living for those ultimate adventure backpack hunts, the Pursue the Wild elk call line, learning skills to build confidence in the backcountry, training how you hunt, people's disconnect on how meat gets to our table, tactics for dealing with anti-hunters, being a mentor, and focusing on our narrative as hunters.

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Ep 111 - Hunting YOUR Hunt with Jordan Budd and Jordan Adams

Jordan Budd and Jordan Adams sit down with Living Country in the City to talk things new hunters should focus on when getting into the outdoors, finding what drives you, how to keep hunting from being a completely hellish ordeal, how to get good deals on gear and how to go about building your gear kit and investing in yourself to learn the skills required for hunting.

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Ep 110 - Hunting is an Expensive Pain in the A** with Jacob Herman, Ali Spika and Dr. Brooks Tiller

Jacob Herman, Ali Spika and Dr. Brooks Tiller sit down with Living Country in the City to to discuss the issues standing in the way of making hunting more available to the weekend warrior, overpopulation of deer in the east, mentorship programs, pricing people out of hunting and tags being too expensive to encourage new hunters, proper deer herd management, hunting no longer being a tribal activity and how we’re losing the “path” of the hunt.

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Ep 103 - Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone with Kimmi Greentree

Kimmi Greentree sits down with Living Country in the City at Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City to talk about growing up as a city girl, her interest in hunting being sparked by a desire to spend more time with Adam, not knowing your true capabilities until you step outside your comfort zone, her first hunt and harvest, how life has changed with this new notoriety and her advice for someone looking to get into hunting with their significant other.

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Ep 85 - Rachel Carrie: Examining Time Honored Traditions with a Modern Lens

Living Country in the City calls all the way across the pond to the UK to talk with Rachel Carrie about the traditions of hunting in the England, running hawks and ferrets with her father, hunting as an upper-class “gentlemen’s” sport, dealing with the antis and changing the perspective of a PETA model, the expansion of shooting sports in the UK and the differences between hunting in the US and the UK.

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