Ep 101 - From Slinging Dope to Flinging Arrows with Brandon Waddell of Wilderness Attitude and Mountain Archery Fest

Brandon Waddell of the Wilderness Attitude Podcast and Mountain Archery Fest joins Living Country in the City to talk about his terrible first experience with hunting and how his perception has changed, the satisfaction of teaching his children to hunt and watching them succeed, some of the more sordid details of his past and the person he used to be, the joy of providing for our families, starting Wilderness Attitude and the meaning behind it and all about the exciting new Mountain Archery Festival.

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Ep 100 - Interview with a Non-Hunter: Living Country in the City Podcast Editor, Daniel Walters

For the big 100, Living Country in the City summarizes thoughts on over two years of podcasting and makes a big announcement about the brand. Daniel Walters, the editor of Living Country in the City, also joins the podcast to discuss his initial impressions of hunters prior to the podcast and how that has changed, terms and concepts he’s learned, some of his favorite episodes, things he’s interested in learning more about, the behind-the-scenes secrets of Living Country in the City and his advice for new hunters.

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Ep 99 - Dave Brinker: Lessons Learned from Hunting and Music

Dave Brinker joins Living Country in the City to talk about moving on from a long career with Sitka to transition into singing and songwriting, the process and challenges of crowdfunding and releasing his first album, the parallels between hunting and releasing music, setting realistic measures of success, seeking people to learn from, asking the “dumb” questions and embracing your misses.

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Ep 98 - PNW to Coues Country with Shannon Mobbs and Cory Ford of Angry Spike Productions

Shannon Mobbs and Cory Ford of Angry Spike Productions join Living Country in the City at Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City to talk about the differences between chasing elk in the PNW and Coues deer in southern Arizona, pulling cactus out of unfortunate places, the importance and struggles of heavy glassing, why Walmart sucks the enjoyment of observing rutting bucks, the best way to prepare wild game, hunting in the grocery store and all about lion attacks.

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Ep 97 - Getting Your Start in Hunting and Shooting with Adam Weatherby of Weatherby, Inc.

Adam Weatherby of Weatherby, Inc. sits down with Living Country in the City to talk about considerations when selecting your first hunting rifle, the origins of Weatherby in Southern California, the different models across the brand, general considerations when planning your first hunt, the obstacles to starting hunting from scratch, women outshooting men, learning how to sight in a rifle and practicing your shooting in hunting situations.

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Ep 96 - Conservation Conversation with Dave Beronio of Outback Outdoors

Dave Beronio (a.k.a Hollywood Dave) of Outback Outdoors joins Living Country in the City to talk about immersing yourself in the outdoors, volunteering with conservation organizations or your local fish and game department, finding commonalities with the opposition, planning your draws, fitness in the backcountry, what to look for in a hunting guide and setting a good example as hunters by being educated about conservation.

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